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Re: Closed top planted tank

I'd just like to point out that Bob is not injecting co2 in this tank. The 
original poster was inquiring about injecting co2 _and_ sealing the top. I 
haven't heard of folks doing this, and it's a bad idea, as George said. 


>>  I`ve read about aquarium tops with Co2 injection having " very tightly
>>  closed tops " to keep the Co2 loss
>>  down a bit . 

> I have a 55-gallon with no gases of any type being pumped in.  It has a 
>  TIGHT" fitting, homemade lid.  It gets opened twice a day for feeding and 
>  when I do water changes.  During the summer heat wave I got lazy and it 
>  ten weeks without a water change.  The water level did not drop enough for 
> me 
>  to see it or measure it.  The fish and the plants do fine.  So I guess I 
>  tell folks how to do it.