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RE: Dana Riddle Article - October FAMA

Victor wrote:

I just read the Dana Riddle article on how Eggcrate can increase the
lighting in a tank by 25%.  Apperently the eggcrate has a thin side & a
thick side.  If you put the thin side facing up this causes the increased
light effect.  Mr. Riddle uses a 400w MH but it has to be placed 3-4 inches
above the eggcrate.  Anyone have any experience with this or have any

I reply:

Some fluorescent light fixtures have special eggcrate material that in used
in offices with computer screens. The eggcrate can be bought separately from
an electrical supplier. It has an amazing effect when it is placed under the
fixture. If you stand to the side and look at the fixture you can barely
tell if it is even on. For some reason they are is referred to as parabolic
grills although they don't look parabolic in any way I can tell. Maybe it is
because they produce a similar effect they produce when compared to
parabolic reflectors. They are quite expensive, over $20 for a 2' x 4'

It wouldn't suprise me at all if that they increase the light entering the
tank. They restrict the angle of the light hitting the water surface so more
light enters the water. Sounds like a great idea to me I think I will try
one on my 90 gallon tank.

I think a similar effect occurs with a very  deep reflector so that  light
coming off the lamp cannot strike the water at less than 45 degrees. I have
done this but the resulting fixture is pretty cumbersome and wouldn't fit
into most aquarium hoods. The grill would be a lot easier to install and
would have the additional benefit of guarding against lamps falling into the