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Re: Re: E. cordifolius

>>I am surprised that anyone would discourage hybridization of aquatic
plants, since some of the popular Echinodorus that we drool over are either
hybrids or mutants (e.g. E. oriental, E. rubin, E. sp "rose", E. ozelot
"red flame", E. osiris, etc).<<

As you said there are many very popular and stunning hybrids, particularly
Echinodorus, From Tropica, Florida Aquatic, Oriental Aquarium, and others.
The Indian red sword is stunning. Hybridization is nothing new to the plant
world. Roses have been hybridized, (is that a word :)) for hundreds of
years. My Dad belonged to a local Rose society and was successfull at
developing a couple of new hybrids in his garden that were warmly recieved
by his society. Nobody ever accused him of endangering other species. It may
not sit well with some purists in our hobby, but they are viable, gorgeous
additions to any aquatic garden. I would guess there are also at least a
couple hundred hybrids of tropical and winter lillies sold all over the
world for pond gardens.

Robert Paul H
RK Aquaria Plant Forum moderator