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Optimizing Use of CO2...


Well I finally put together all of the pieces and started putting plants in
my tank. It has taken a lot of time and learning just to get to this point.

My question right now is how many bubbles per minute would be the efficient
target for the following setup and water parameters:

-75G tank
-100% Fluorite
-wet/dry filter with CO2 diffuser in the sump. Diffuser is driven off of a
tap from my output pump.
Ph  = ~7.05 @ bubble count of ~100/minute
KH  = 4

My target ph based on the charts would be 6.9 to give me 15mg/l CO2. My
guess is that I get about 10mg/l at the current ph. Rather than turning up
the bubble rate I have been trying to tune the diffuser to see if I could
get better efficiency from it. As it is now very, very fine bubbles are
ejected into the tank... almost a mist...and these bubbles do reach the

Can anyone tell from this info if I am getting decent efficiency from the
CO2 setup. Should I be looking for leaks, tweaking more, or is this about
right considering my current situation?

Thanks a lot.

Paul Mouritsen
Washington, DC
mourip @ erols . com