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Re: Closed top planted tanks

On Sun, 24 Sep 2000 18:20:42 -0400  "DT" <itsdon at erinet_com> wrote: 

>I`ve read about aquarium tops with Co2 injection having " very tightly
>closed tops " to keep the Co2 loss  down a bit.  Can anyone share
>with me how this is done ?

For instance, I have my tank completely plumbed from underneath.  There is no
need for anything to hang over the edge of the tank (not even CO2 line, thanks
to a dry-goods tube inside the tank :).  I could silicone a giant pane of glass
to the top of my tank if I wanted to.  Not that I'd want to. :) 

You can get a number of glass tops (of different designs) that sit within the
frame of your tank (possibly covering it completely from front to back and from
side to side).