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Algae, What type is it?

I have recently re-set up my tank after moving it. The tank had been sitting on
the floor for about 2 months, had all the water and fish in it, also plants. When
i set it up i took every thing out, put a sand, top soil mix in, Laterite, and
then toped it off with the original gravel that is 5-20 mm in dimension. I
replanted the tank, and started to use a liquid fertilizer (at a bit less than
half the recommended dose). Now I am seeing algae growing on most of the leaves
of my plants. The algae is fairly hard, and doesn't wipe off of the leaves. What
types could this be, and what can i do to eliminate it , or will it just run its
course as my plants start to grow?
The tank is a 78 gallon with 2, 4-foot florescents above it. (planning on going
to 4, 4 foots, or 2 vhos soon) . I took the airation stones out as was previously
suggested, I am running an off the back filter at about 300 gph, with a home
modification to add a constant biological feature. The tank has in the
neighborhood of 50-60 fish in it averaging about an inch each.

Thanks for any help

Amy Freckelton & Scott Stackhouse
~A.C. Hedgehogs~
Toronto, Ontario
ICQ Amy 10928562 Scott 5805962