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Re: Heartbroken

<<Actually, it WILL help.  If the two heaters are half the wattage of the
one big heater, what will happen is that the heater stuck on will be
continuously heating the water, but at HALF the power of the BIG heater
that would have been stuck on.  The other heater, meanwhile, is now OFF if
the temp gets above its preset. >>

Oops, never even thought of that.  I responded  without really thinking it
as everyone answered seeming to think his fish got frozen and explained the
for having two heaters that way.
I stand corrected.

TIM: Everyone gets blowouts on tanks due to equipment problems if they do
the hobby long enough.
It's sad but stick with it.
Just think that if you care about the fish that much, your tank is going to
be better cared for than many of the tanks out there and the fish are going
to be that much happier.
I always imagine that every time I go to the fish store, all the fish are at
the front saying 'pick me pick me' so they don't end up with the 10 year old
kid with the fish bowl, and I try and not disappoint :)
Nothing makes me happier when people see the tank and say 'those are the
luckiest fish alive'.