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Spontaneous Generation ;-)

My 10 gallon tank that I overhauled is coming along nicely.  The plants
that had been stunted for over a year are growing, the green water has
come and gone (it never really got all *that* green), and several other
algaes have bloomed and then fizzled out.  The algae that remains is a
green hair algae, but it may be starting to decline.

Regarding the subject, There are snails everywhere!  I don't know where
they came from, because all the plants came out of the old aquarium and
it didn't have snails.  The snails are doing a good job of eating the
dying black algae and brown slime off of the leaves and the glass, so I
consider them to be a good thing. There was one very tiny duckweed that
showed up unexpectedly; I had duckweed in the old tank but it had died
out a long time ago.  I know duckweed is among the smallest blooming
plants in the world. I wonder if there were duckweed seeds in the
water.  It has spread into about 5 or 6 full-sized plants in less than
two weeks. There are also some tiny worms that look sort of like
mosquito larvae living in the substrate and also making green "tubes" on
the glass and on the plant leaves and making a mess.  The guppy enjoys
eating the worms when she sees them swimming in the water, but she is
not keeping up with them.  They don't seem to be hurting anything, but
they are unsightly.  I think the snails might be eating the worm tubes
off the glass, but I'm not sure yet.

The tank is not very pretty yet, but I'm having fun watching it