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Re: [AGA Aquascaping Showcase] LAST CALL !!!

On Sat, 23 Sep 2000, James Purchase wrote:

> Don't be left behind, join your fellow hobbyists from Norway, Singapore,
> China, Turkey and the United States.

... not to mention and Venezuala, Finland, Canada, and Indonesia too...
Seriously, folks, it's very cool.  As the guy who's been collecting and
processing your entries, I can tell you that we're getting stuff from all
over the world, from little desktop tanks to monster multi-kilo-liter
setups.  The photography has had similar range, from disposable cameras
and video stills all the way up to pro.  And the aquascaping styles...
let's say they range from "controlled rat's nest" to "provincial garden".  
YOUR aquarium should fit nicely somewhere in there, so as James said,
"What are you waiting for?"  We want to share as many people's styles as
we can.

We'll be taking submissions up to the 30th.  That means all postal mail
(entry forms, photo release forms, fees, and photos) must be POSTMARKED by
the 30th, but the optional electronic ways (entry forms using the website
and images submitted by e-mail) must be FINISHED by September 30th.

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com