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Discus Fatalities

Dear Tim:
     I really understand your heartbrake over loosing your 6 lovely Discus. 
But, accidents do happen to the best of us.  I don't lump myself in the
category of the best.  I lost my 6 Discus when my cats knocked the light
into the tank while I was at work.  My fish were electrocuted.  My light
fixture is now suspended above the tank and I am happier for it because now
I get to really see my floating plants.  I nearly gave up though.  I love my
plants, but my Discus playing in the midst of that lovely vegetation was
ultimate beauty to me. A planted Discus tank can be a labor of love.  My
room mate bought me a couple Discus one day as a surprise and to lift my
spirits.  It worked.  I am back with it again.  My plants bring out the
beauty of the fish and fish are happier for it.  I look forward to hearing
good news from you in the future.  

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