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E. cordifolius


I have grown E. ozelot "red" and another unidentified Echinodorus (I
suspect it to be a Echinodorus martii (maior)) from seeds. I just throw
them in moist coco-peat and cover the pot with clear plastic to keep the
humidity high. Nothing grew in the pot for about two weeks and I almost
gave up. Then I noticed a small green sprout that looked nothing like the
Echinodorus that we know of. Over the next few days, more seedlings
sprouted. They are still growing, although very slowly (< 1 inch after a
month). The germination rate is also not very high. I have never tried
germinating them in the aqaurium though.
No special treatment. I just leave them at the balcony in indirect sunlight
and hope for the best. But, I live in Singapore and the weather conditions
here are pretty stable (25C-32C).
I wouldn't recommend propagating Echinodorus from seeds unless you are
hybridizing them. You get plantlets faster vegetatively. In the case of my
emersed Echinodorus, once they start to flower, they don't stop.

Does anyone knows which Echindorus can hybridize with each other? It seems
that E. horemani is a hot favorite for hybridization with other
Echinodorus. Then again, anyone tried hybridizing Echinodorus?


>From: "Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill at rt66_com>
>Subject: E. cordifolius
>Has anyone grown E. cordifolius (or similar Echinodorus) from seed? What
>sort of planting medium did you use?  Emersed or submersed?  Is the
>temperature critical?  What about the lighting period?  So many
>questions... and so many seeds!
>Roger Miller