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Re: Reducing pH

Justin writes:

> Well, I've gotten moved in, and the tank is back up and running again, but
>  I'm having a bit of a pH problem.  My pH is running over 7.4 for certian,
>  and my CO2 controller is saying its at 8.4, but it may be on the fritz.  
>  running about 15 ppm CO2, and have about 6 degrees kH.  I'm wondering what 
>  can do to get my pH down, and what could be causing the problem in the 
>  place.  Any help is much appreciated!

Your water supply is different than the water in the old digs.  Now you have 
to either accept what you have or start dancing.  Getting the pH down 
requires getting the KH down, and that's where the sticky thing is.  You can 
use a pH adjuster, but expect bounceback until your pH adjuster nuetralizes 
enough carbonate/silicate/phosphate to allow it to stay down.  You might try 
reverse osmosis or deionization to soften the water before it goes in the 
tank.  This is the better approach, but also more expensive.

maybe you could just switch to fish that like harder water?  The plants 
probably won't mind, at least not the vast majority of them.

Bob Dixon
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