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Re: Heartbroken

<<Tim laments <<I came home today to find all 6 of my beautiful Discus dead.
I have a heavily planted 49 gal. bow front tank, looks like the heater had

I think the moral is to use two heaters (perhaps smaller-sized) in any
large or important tank. In large tanks two or more heaters may be a
necessity to maintain the desired temperature. They usually provide more
stable, even heating. And in all cases you have heat in the case that one
heater breaks. Since you said "the heater", I assume you had just one.>>

This depends on what happened to the heater.  I'v heard of the thermostat
breaking and thus the heater being stuck ON permanently and cooking the

In this case having two heaters will not help.

I have a 87 Gal tank and no heater.  It heats up during the day with the
lighting and cools down at night with about a 3 deg diff from top to
bottom(max diff in the winter when the room is cooler).  I have never had a
problem and lots of my fish are over 3 years old so can't see them being
stressed every day. I think fish can handle changes (talking fresh water) as
they would get temp changes in there natural environment.  Saltwater fish
though probably would have more difficulty as their environment would be
more stable.