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Re: Size of market

Hi Dan,

Great post - and for the most part I guess I have to agree with you.
Unfortunately, high tech is usually associated with high cost UNTIL
sufficient volume and competition exists to drive prices down. Do you think
that a personal computers would be selling for under $500.00 today if it
wasn't for the hugh number of people who want them and companies like AMD
who together helped force Intel's prices down?

If you want to see the ULTIMATE in high tech aquarium systems - check out
Aqualine Buschke. They go even further than Dupla into computerized control
and stratospheric pricing. Eheim is (at least in Europe, but more recently
here in North America as well) doing its best to bring out what amounts to
almost "turn-key" systems and they happen to look great as well. but they
are still considered expensive.

As for my early success with Crypts under marginal conditions - hey, I did
plenty of stupid things in those days as well...... like washing my tank out
with dish detergent once.....(OMG, did I actually admit to doing that in

James Purchase