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Re: Size of market

I would like to note, that most of the plants that probably are sold, are 
going to stores like Super Pet, Petsmart, Petco, or any other huge chain. 
These places probably kill greater than 75% of the stock they bring in. I 
think the people who would pay enough for Tropica, don't kill their plants, 
and hence don't need new ones every month.
    I'm curious, just how often to people take out established plants out of 
their tanks to make room for new ones? I've been moving towards taking out 
the really fast growing ones in exchange for more light for swords, and nicer 
plants. (i.e. no more I would have replaced Anacharis long time ago, with say 
an ozelot sword a long time ago if I ever had Anacharis). I had my first 
Traumatizing experience with pruning, had to throw out probably a foot cubed 
chock full of tropica lugwiga :-( oh well, the Cuban chain swords will enjoy 
the penetrating Metal Halides :-) Best, Bill

PS. Gloria at Randallstown is Great, she helped me out a lot :-)