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Re: Banana Plants

On Mon, 18 Sep 2000 Michale Herman wrote:

> i CAN'T SEEM TO reproduce banana plants. What i have
> been doing is cut the stem of  a leaf that is about
> 2
> inches long in half and then burying and floting the
> leaf. What am I doing wrong?

I too have an interest in reproducing Banana Plants, so I was hoping
someone who had actually done so would answer this question. What I know
I read at
www.thekrib.com/Plants/Plants/Nymphoides.html. This plant can reproduce
from runners and from seeds. It has also been known to produce plantlets
from floating leaves. I have two banana plants. One I bought last year.
In the beginning it produced large (close to 3 1/2" accross) lush-green
leaves. Then it produced root-like growth dirrectly from the ends of the
"bananas." They came straight out of the bananas and entered the gravel.
It also produced one runner (I think it was a runner). This runner split
into two about an inch from the plant, with one part going into the
gravel, and the other headed up. But it didn't produce anything more. I
then got busy with other things and forgot about the plant. (There ought
to be a law against this.) Now, the leaves are smaller and paler, and the
"bananas" have disappeared. I suspect that banana plants need _lots_ of
nutrients at the roots to both thrive and reproduce. I bought the second
plant a couple of months ago. It has produced some beautiful leaves, but
as of Monday, has yet to produce roots. I'm hoping I can get this plant
to reproduce, and would appreciate it if anyone would share their
experience. This second plant had deep red leaves when I bought it. In my
tank, the new leaves are mostly green, but still have some red color in

Can anyone tell me anything about the life cycle of banana plants? How
long should I expect them to live under good conditions? Several years?
Do they have dormant or seasonal phases?

Jim N
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