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Re: pH hogwash

Bob Ashcroft writes:

<< The following are quotes from replies I received when I expressed my
personal opinion on the subject:

"A .4 pH difference would be almost certain death. If not right away
then after a little time."

"A difference of more than 0.4 could cause pH shock and even death
within 48 hours if
acclimated too quickly. You should acclimate for about 1 hour for every
tenth of a point difference in pH you suspect may be possible (i.e. 8.0
pH to 7.0 pH should take 10 hours)."

If I were to accept this as being even close to accurate, my fish should
all be dead. >>

I'll jump in on Bob's side here.  I have dropped pH levels from 7.8 to 6.0 
over a period of an hour with no losses.  However, if going the other 
direction in an established, medium-to-heavy stocked tank, the pH shift will 
kick dissolved ammonium to give off H+ ions and become ammonia.  The 
resultant increase in ammonia can and WILL lead to gill damage that kills the 
fish.  Since I concentrate my efforts on South American fish, I never go from 
acid to base, so I don't worry about it.  The only time that it might become 
a problem is if a 20% water change from my 7.6pH tap might be enough to trip 
off the conversion.  But then, I would at the same time be reducing the 
NH4/NH3 concentration anyway, so I haven't had that happen yet, either.

Bob Dixon
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