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Re: Size of market

Dave responded to my message (about being cut out by the definition of
PTH) with a couple of assumptions.  First on tank plant purchases, the
most expensive plant I can remember buying for the tanks was a mature
multi-stemmed Anubias barteri var. barteri, at change less than $100, it
was worth every cent.  My most recent plant purchases were to plant a
tank being reset after years of Malawi mbuna, don't remember the exact
amount, but on the order of $80.  My "normal" purchases per year are
certainly less than $200, perhaps much less if you count that 1/2 to 2/3
of the buys are offset by trade-ins from my tanks, nothing exotic, just
grow-out swords and Val from my veggie filters.

Second, I do own compressed CO2, but don't use it. (Shall we split that
one down the middle?).  I'm content with moderate lighting and moderate
growth of undemanding plants with CO2 conservation.  If I get bored I
may play with bottled or DIY CO2 for a period, then pack it away.  Yes I
see positive results from this.  But no, I do not think that I cannot
live without it.  I can live very well without constant pruning.  My
Anubias-only tank is one of my favorites- slow growth, always  good
looking, vanishingly low maintenance.  Personal choice, personal style.
Those who want bright lights, strong growth, and weekly plant chores are
welcome to them, it just is not me.