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James Wrote:

	Time to eat crow again........ ;-) Using the ARO model number that
Lyndle quoted (ARO 127112-820), I continued my 	yahoo searching and found
several on-line catalogues from companies that sell ARO regulators. I found
several similar 	models, but not an exact match. I returned to
Ingersoll-Rand's web site and looked in the "literature" section of the ARO
division. There are several PDF files for regulators, one of which
(<http://www.irco.com/aro/downloads/R271XX.PDF>) 	might describe the
regulator Lyndle mentioned. It is available with an output close to that
mentioned by Lyndle. However, 	in the PDF file describing the regulator, I
notice the following caution: --------- WARNING - Use with industrial
compressed air systems only. Do not use with bottled gas products or fluids.
Misapplications can result in component 	failure. --------- Is this
something that we should be concerned with when designing/using a CO2
system??? The CO2 	we use is a bottled gas...... James Purchase Toronto

James made another good point.  This mini-regulator is not designed to
connect directly to a CO2 bottle!!!!!!!!  In fact the MAX inlet pressure is
250 PSIG.

I use this regulator down stream to reduce the 40 PSIG from the CO2
regulator that is connected on the bottle to a very constant 2 PSIG to the
solenoid/needle valve manifold.  This set up makes a FOR REAL two stage
system because you have two regulators.

I know its overkill and most won't want to spend the money.  I ONLY got in
to this after my Sandpoint system (that cost over $200 BTW) dumped into my
planted Rainbow tank killing a lot of fish.  I didn't have the benefit of
the list info at that time so I didn't even know why it happened.

Lyndle Schenck