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James wrote:
	I wrote, regarding the ARO division of Ingersoll-Rand:
	"Unfortunately, this is one company whose web site fails to give
	detailed information about their products (it seems more concerned
	attracting investors than helping customers select a particular

	I take that back....... I found a complete selection of PDF files on
	web site that details their offerings.... but they seem to make
	pumps and other things that have nothing to do with pressure
regulators or
	needle valves.....

	Am I confusing the company with another one that also sells products
	the ARO brand name?


It looks like you have the correct web site.  I found this company several
years ago when I was looking for solenoid valves.  One of the salesmen was
very helpful and sent me their catalogs that provides all of this info and
is much easier to read than the web site .pdf files.  They make all sorts of
filters/regulators/valves, etc.

As to selecting this particular regulator, I simply told the salesman my
requirements and took his suggestion.  Their prices are very reasonable and
the quality is exceptional.  Even the much maligned NO-1 needle valve works
OK even though the specs it was designed to don't match up too well for our

I think for "truth in advertising" to our list members thinking about making
one of these systems we should mention some of the things that are obvious
to us that may drive up both cost and frustration.  Things like when you buy
a regulator, or a solenoid valve, or a needle valve, etc.  that may be
perfect for one application but possibly not for CO2 fertilization in
aquaria.  A lot of times you just get stuck with "stuff".  Also you have to
buy fittings, hose barbs, bubble counters, check valves, hose clamps, and
other things you won't realize you needed until you start putting it
together.  Then there is some skill required.  Like getting the fittings
tight or checking for leaks (before you empty the CO2 bottle).  

I enjoy the gadget factor in making my own and I (will again soon) have a
lot of tanks, but I can certainly understand why it would be preferable to
buy a system from George especially if you only needed one or two of them.

Lyndle Schenck