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Size of market

>>Oops!  You just cut me out of the group.  Despite multiple planted fish
>>tanks, for me the plants are never as important as the fish.

>Thank you for your candor, Robert.   And I would guess that you don't have 
>compressed CO2 and that you would not buy a $30 plant.

Robert and I share the same feelings here.  When the urge for an aquarium
hit and I'd done some research, I set up a planted tank because it's more
attractive, more interesting, and I hope a more natural and healthier
environment for the fish.  The fish are the most important by a mile -- I'm
already yanking out, throwing away and trimming plants regularly.  Fish get
treated a lot better.  Dave is right, my CO2 is DIY and I wouldn't pay $30
for a plant.  However, I will probably be buying a certain number of plants
per year even though none of the ones I started with have failed.  For
instance, I put in quite a bit of java fern in the beginning because it's
supposed to be an easy plant and good for beginners.  I've already ripped
out and thrown away most of it and the rest will be gone in a week -- it's
ugly and I don't want it in my tank.  So that means I was and will be off
to the store spending more to replace it.  I've got at least one other kind
of plant that I suspect will soon follow the java fern into oblivion so I
can put in something I like better.

And who's to say that if I succeed with inexpensive plants that I won't
someday be willing to treat myself to some expensive ones?  The compressed
CO2 may never happen because of so many posts from people who have lost
fish because of mechanical failures, but unless I hear that a $30 plant
killed someone's fish, it's a possibility.

Ellen O'Connell
mailto:oconnell_wadeash at ix_netcom.com