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Time to eat crow again........ ;-)

Using the ARO model number that Lyndle quoted (ARO 127112-820), I continued
my yahoo searching and found several on-line catalogues from companies that
sell ARO regulators. I found several similar models, but not an exact match.
I returned to Ingersoll-Rand's web site and looked in the "literature"
section of the ARO division. There are several PDF files for regulators, one
of which (http://www.irco.com/aro/downloads/R271XX.PDF) might describe the
regulator Lyndle mentioned. It is available with an output close to that
mentioned by Lyndle.

However, in the PDF file describing the regulator, I notice the following
WARNING - Use with industrial compressed air systems only. Do not use with
bottled gas products or fluids. Misapplications can result in component

Is this something that we should be concerned with when designing/using a
CO2 system??? The CO2 we use is a bottled gas......

James Purchase