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Re: Size of market

 > Dave wrote:

>> First a definition:  A
>> planted tank hobbyist (PTH) is one who has at least one tank in which the
>> plants are at least as important as the fish or other
>> considerations.

> Robert responds:
> Oops!  You just cut me out of the group.  Despite multiple planted fish
> tanks, for me the plants are never as important as the fish.
> "Significant" perhaps, maybe "of secondary importance", but primary or
> equal, nope.

I reply:

I would think that all facets of the aquarium, (any artificially created
ecosystem for that matter), should be viewed with equal "importance".
Everything involved will have an impact on everything else in the system at
some point. Neglecting the plants *will* eventually have an impact, on the
fish. Not paying attention to water quality *will* eventually have an impact
on the fish. I don't see how one can put any higher "priority" on any one
part of the whole ecosystem without affecting everything else involved.

Phil Behrends
Colorado Springs, CO