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Re: Size of market

At 03:48 AM 9/21/00 -0400, Robert Ricketts opined:
> > First a definition:  A > planted tank hobbyist (PTH) is one who has at 
> least one tank in which the
> > plants are at least as important as the fish or other > considerations.
>Oops!  You just cut me out of the group.  Despite multiple planted fish
>tanks, for me the plants are never as important as the fish.
>"Significant" perhaps, maybe "of secondary importance", but primary or
>equal, nope.

Thank you for your candor, Robert.   And I would guess that you don't have 
compressed CO2 and that you would not buy a $30 plant.   Which means you 
are not part of the PTH market.   Notice I did not say you are not 
interested in planted tanks.   I said from a marketing perspective you are 
not a prospect for high end equipment or high end plants.   That is not a 
criticism.   It's just a fact that people who are trying to bring us 
specialized products need to wrestle with.

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