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Feeding Otocinclus catfish

I'm no expert, but I got 3 of them 2 months ago (and after they were bagged
for me and ready to go, I found out they'd only just arrived in the LFS).
They're all still corking along.  They went into a new tank that had a
pretty good growth of the kind of brown algae they like.  After all the
postings about how difficult they are to keep alive, I've been worrying
about them ever since they did that initial clean up.  Somewhere I read
that the best things to give them to supplement are peas, kale, and collard
greens because of the nutrition in these things.  However, mine don't think
any of those veggies are food.  They work eagerly on slices of zucchini and
cantalope in a plant clip, and the littlest one seems to cling and sleep
there.  When the fruit or veggie is available, they gorge to where their
stomachs look like they've swallowed ball bearings.  I let them work on a
slice till it's gone and then don't give them more for a day or two so that
they'll keep after algae as it grows.

Ellen O'Connell
mailto:oconnell_wadeash at ix_netcom.com