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Re: Size of market

I would raise a couple of points that makes me question the numbers given.

First, I live in Calgary where the trading population of the area for LFS
might be 1 million people.  There are several vendors who carry Tropica
plants and on any given day that I visit them there will a variety and
quantity of these plants in stock.  This would add up to a 2 or 3 dozen
plants at any one time.  I'll admit to not knowing the shelf life of these
plants but it would seem to indicate a sales rate of dozens a year.

Second, a rule of thumb is that the Canadian market for product sales is
1/10th that of the US based on population and similar spending habits.
Unless planted aquariums are much more prevelant in Canada, Dave's sales
number would be 300 plants a year in Canada.  Even at $10.00 - $15.00 a
plant we are talking about sales figures of only a few thousand dollars.  It
would be hard to believe they would bother with this market on that basis.

Sorry, I don't have any better method of estimating sales but I would
suggest that the casual plant buyer may account for a larger market than has
been figured.

I personally have purchased at least 6 Tropica plants in the past year.