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Re: Science fair time again

Toby writes:

> <hi my name is toby im 14 and im doing a project im wondering if u could
>  give me 
>  some info well here are my questions do animals need nitrate and what
>  plants use 
>  nitrate for
>  any way thank and if u could emil as soon as possible that would be great 
>  your sincirlly >

Plants use the nitrogen in nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia to manufacture 
amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein.  Anmals eat the 
protein made by the plants.  Some of it is used by both plants and animals to 
manufacture important cell structures and the rest is burned for fuel, giving 
off uric acid, which converts to ammonia, which in turn is converted to 
nitrites and nitrates by bacteria.  Some bacteria can use atmospheric 
nitrogen to make nitrogen compounds, which is how the nitrogen gets into the 
circle of life to start with.

Bob Dixon