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Eheim diffusor "pop"

At 12:46 PM 9/20/00 -0400, you wrote:
>I bought an eheim diffuser a year and a half back and tried it out. After 
>a day or
>two, it "popped" and killed a tank of fish. I don't use them now.

I do not doubt that this happened to Erik.  And I am sorry he lost his fish.

The Eheim is a pretty high tolerance device for an airstone (which is close 
to all it is).   And it must be assembled carefully.  If you don't I am 
sure you can get really bad results.   That said, with hundreds and 
hundreds sold (not MacDonalds yet), his is the only one I have heard of 
popping.  And since he has never shown me the pieces or pictures of them, I 
have no idea what happened in his case.

I stand by the reliability of the system I sell.   I believe it has had, in 
general, no more product failures than the same number of more expensive 

Someone said that my FAQ page "favored" the system I sell.   I will agree 
it describes it favorable.   But the favorable description is not because I 
sell it, I sell it because it is good.   I don't need to sell a CO2 system, 
I spend more on dinners out than I make on CO2 system sales.  I sell them 
because I think our hobby needs a good, fairly priced system.   And it 
seems like the vast majority of my customers agree.

There are better systems out there.   But I don't think there are better 
values, altho I agree that this last is definitely a matter of 
opinion.   If I had $5K worth of fish I don't think I would run one of my 
systems without additional hardware like a pressure relief device.   As it 
is I have $500 worth, and I definitely run one of my own systems.

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