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Re: Size of market

To follow up on Dave's point, I spoke with Claus about Tropica's marketing 
strategy and their market penetration in the various countries where it 
sells its plants.  Claus told me that Tropica's goal was to gain 20% market 
share in any given market.  They believe that this would equate with the 
hobbyists that would be willing to pay their prices.  They realize their 
plants are expensive.

I think that Dave's 3000 planted tank suggestion is pretty close.  Although 
it may seem to us on the APD that the US is a large market, it really isn't 
when it comes to aquarium plant hobbyists.  Therefore, based on market share 
numbers, Tropica would have occasional sales to about 600 people nationwide. 
  This does not take into account the very strong opposition of the US 
growers.  In any event, this doesn't make much business sense for Tropica.

Anyway, I am solely responsible for the accuracy of the above statements.  I 
recalled them from a conversation with Claus (Director of Tropica) many 
years ago.  Happened just before I and Doug got him lost in the Tampa 
airport.  But that is another story...  :-)


Art Giacosa

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