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Size of market

At 03:48 AM 9/20/00 -0400, Stephen Boulet wrote:
>I think that people over here would be willing to pay a premium for Tropica
>plants, though, and the market is big.

This brings up a very interesting question to me.   First a definition:  A 
planted tank hobbyist (PTH) is one who has at least one tank in which the 
plants are at least as important as the fish or other 
considerations.   Given that definition:

How many planted tank hobbyists are there in the US?

Here are some clues:  There are about 1000 members of AGA.   There are 
about 1400 readers of APD.  There are 10 million homes with aquariums in 
them (most empty in the garage I would bet).  My guess is about 3000 PTHs, 
but I want to hear your guess.

Then once we figure out how many PTH, the next question is how many 
premium-priced plants could Tropica sell?   An average of one per PTH per 
year?   3000 plants per year?   No wonder they don't open their own 
facility in the US.

OK, your turn.....

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