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Re: Science fair time again

From: Toby
Via Cynthia Powers:

<<<<hi my name is toby im 14 and im doing a project im wondering if u could
give me 
some info well here are my questions do animals need nitrate and what
plants use 
nitrate for
any way thank and if u could emil as soon as possible that would be great 
your sincirlly >>>>>>

As the self-appointed resident expert on middle-schoolers and their
Sci-fair projects :-), I'll suggest Toby try to ask his a "Scientific
Question" (one that can be answered using the "Scientific Method" as taught
to grd 6-8 these days).   Rather than "What do plants use nitrate for"  try
"Approximately how much nitrate is absorbed by x-AQUATIC plant species in
x-amount of time".  Or you can try "What is the growth rate of x-AQUATIC
plant species under Co2-injection compared to non-Co2 injected x-AQUATIC
plant species".

I have influenced many a middle-schooler over 4-years to get into planted
aquaria using Sci-fair as a hook and the Krib as an info source.  I've
checked with my own school district [that's very draconian] and they have
no problem w/ DIY-yeast Co2 generation b/c Co2 (not alcohol) is the focus
of the experiment.  

Aquarium Plants: