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Re: Filters

Erik  writes:

<< I heard that you cannot use granular activated carbon (GAC) in planted 
I have an Eclipse 3 tank that takes a filter that fits it. It uses GAC as a 
media. Should I use filter floss or something like it as a media? It has a 
bio-wheel in it. Thanks

Activated carbon adsorbs some of the miro-nutrients your plants are dependent 
on. It's not so much that it's verbotten as much as it isn't a real good 
idea.  I would remove the GAC from your eclipse system and eithr fill the gap 
with floss/angelhair or just leave it void. Carbon can be added as needed to 
take tannin-tinting or medications out of the water and then removed again.

By the way, most of the angelhair sold dirt cheap in fabric and craft stores 
is the same stuff as filter floss, but without the 250% markup on the price.

Bob Dixon
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