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RE: Tropica Exporting to USA

On Tue, 19 Sep 2000 05:45:32 -0600 (MDT)   meister_man at webtv_net (sean meister)
in APD #553 wrote:

>I asked the same questions you did regarding Tropica growing plants bare
>roott and shipping them.  (...)
>Anyways, I asked the same questions (directed to Dave Gomberg or anyone
>else) you did on Sept. 17 and haven't heard back.

The concerns regarding Tropica shipping to the US have been addressed in-list by
Dave and at least another poster with fairly detailed information.  The posts
even covered the investigation by Tropica of having their plants put on an
exemption list by making sure their production site met with the approval of the
USDA for whatever requirements they have.

If anyone has missed a digest mailing (look through and see if the numbers have
come in order) you can always check out the current month's topics on the
website at actwin.com.

I thought the concern of Tropica making special considerations for the US
market, had been dealt with quite promptly and in a straight-forward and
understandable fashion.

If anyone is near the Canadian border, you can always come across and try your
hand at smuggling Tropica plants into the US.  Of course, good luck, don't know
what kinds of penalties there are for this clandestine operation. :)