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Re Cheap Regulators

DT wrote:

 >I went to the local flea market Sunday to look for some goodies . While I
 >was there I noticed many regulators of many different makes and 
conditions >. I bought two just to see how they operate , and if they could 
be adapted to
 >Co2 tanks . Both were two stage ...one a Matheson Oxygen regulator with a
 >Victor flowmeter all in stainless steel ( $15.00 ) and the other, ( not as
 >high in quality ) , a Craftsman Helium regulator ( $8.00 ) in solid brass .

You should be aware that CO2 is an oxidizing gas, so if you manage to adapt 
the fittings to CO2, the helium regulator may not last long since its 
components (seals, etc) are probably not designed for exposure to oxidizing 
agents.  The O2 regulator, of course, ought to be fine if you can adapt it.

- Mark Gilmore