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Thread Summaries

I agree that Cynthia shouldn't be burdened with thread
summary issues.  My only thought was that instead of
her having to step in to close a thread stating it was
no longer entertained on the list, she could step in
saying the thread was closed with forthcomming 
summaries by ______ and/or _______.

If she was in a good mood and wanted to approach
people offline (or solicit someone online) to volunteer a 
summary for some interesting thread, the workload 
would ideally stop with her email requesting their 
summary (it is probably not worth her time to follow 
it up if the author drops the ball.)  I would guess that
we get only a few "significant" threads a month, 
although you could make that number higher or lower 
depending on your reading ambition.

"No work" (or possibly minimal work through selecting
a name) is the goal.

I did like David's idea that the original question poster
volunteered the online/offline summary for significant
threads, if we wanted to make that conventional here.

I don't intend to post a thread summary for this thread.

charleyb at cytomation_com