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Re: Tropica exporting to USA

> I understand this is the major hurdle, but I do not understand why it is
> such a problem for Tropica...Thousands of plants are imported weekly into
> this country from the orient, Oriental Aquarium being one of the largest.
> would think that it would save money for Tropica in the long run to ship
> them bare root..lower cost in materials and lower shipping cost. I have
> Diskys pictures of Tropica, and their facilities look pretty large,
> they convert one or two of their green houses to grow plants in those big
> waterbeds without rockwool? What I am curious about is by what standards

Trust me it is a great experience to visit their factory. Unfortunatly i
missed my clubs trip this year :((

> the "quality" of Tropica that much better? Someone mentioned because they
> are grown from original tissue culture: does this make the plants more
> resiliant? Are they stronger, healthier than asian plants? I doubt if its
> size or root structure, as this can vary greatly from any grower. How much
> of the Tropica quality mystique is based in truth and how much in image? I
> am not trying to be negative, but only to understand it all better.

Robert, should i contact the Managing director of tropica to solve this
question ?

I would gladly call him :)

With many Thanks

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