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Tech info and newbie question

«As James also mentioned, hope people don't mind all the specs and tech info 
being posted.  There really isn't any better forum for this info that I know 
of - - unless someone were to start a tech-specific list. :)

Bruno -»

Hi all,

I don't mind, even if I do not understand most of it, being new to the 
aquarium hobby.  Seems to me that some systems can get pretty elaborate, 
whether someone pay a lot or little for it.  It is also interesting to see 
what other people experiment with, as one can't own and try everything.

I was wondering if this list is a proper place to ask "newbie" questions.  I 
just bought a 25 gal tank which I intend to plant, but I have no idea what 
to plant it with.  Before giving you the details of the "simple" 
installation, I figure I should ask if basic questions are welcome.  You 
people might have been repeating the answers "ad nauseam" over the years.

Living opposite of the Land Down Under

(By the way, I'm glad your relative got the honor [flame bearer])

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