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Deep tank issues/dark wood

 After my set up doing a large tank I found some interesting
ideas. I think the biggest one was not having to get in there to
prune the bottom areas. Dwarf Hairgrass has proven to be
somewhat maintenance free not bunching to much on top of it's
self like Gloss and a few others. A variety of Crypts where
selected for accents. Moss was considered but the infernal weed
tends to get into everything.
  I will get every wet everytime I work on the tank. At 36
inches deep, there's no other way:)so I bring a towel for myself
and another shirt.
  I did well with the lighting amount and set up. I thought the
36 inch deep tank would be impossible to light but the PC's from
A&H proved to do the job well(8x96 watt bulbs. The tank was not
a MH canidate. The owner was very happy with the look and color.
Good thing as I'm doing another deep big tank soon:)    
  I love rocks and rock work(I used to keep AF cichlids for many
years)but many of the planted tanks I have done in the past seem
to miss on this but this tank has the room I like to do such
work. I went looking for a big dark colored roundish rocks. I
found smooth stones but few with any texture and character that
I had envisioned. I had collected some petrified wood some time
ago with some unique color. It seems that this wood had been
burnt first then petrified(it was an old relative of the
Sequoia)which is rare in many Geologist opinions in CA(any wish
to chime in please feel free). I was poking around in a creek
and ran across this burnt piece of wood I thought.... upon
picking it up....well it was way to heavy and hard to be
anything else but stone. I looked further and found a log about
200lbs or so. It had branches etc still intact. I took the
largest nicest piece to the geology department at the local
College and donated it much to the departments joy. The rest is
going into this tank.
After I placed in the tank, I found myself thinking of Easter
island rather than my original idea. Tanks often do that to me,
they change into what you have to work with but how you apply
this resources is an extremely interesting aspect to me. Plants,
wood, stones, gravel etc can affect so much of what you do and
desire in a tank. Looking at nature does well but also looking a
resources to build your idea is a better idea. Close no door to
your ideas.
Tom Barr 

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