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Rotting Micranthemum

Awhile back, I got some Micranthemum umbrosumin a
trade from Chuck Gadd.  Under a Nutrigrow bulb it grew
like crazy.  Enough for me to auction a bunch of it
Even while the Nutrigrow bulb was still good (it is
now under a Triton), it started to rot from the bottom
up while growing.  This resulted in ugly bottoms and
many floating segments of semi-alive Micranthemum.  I
got some more from Tom Connors at a club meeting (who
got his from me), and the new stuff did the same
thing.  This one is a mystery to me, as my tank as a
whole is thriving now.  I can give tank specifics if
needed.  Can anyone help me?  

Thanks, Cavan in Pittsburgh  

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