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Introduction (David Bundy)

I've lurked off and on since 1997, but I've never properly introduced
myself.  I thought this might be an okay time to do it.

I'm currently a student, working on a PhD in theoretical linguistics
at the Sorbonne Nouvelle (U. Paris 3), here in Paris.  I had 4 planted tanks
throughout my teens, and they took up so much space that I had to sleep on 
the floor in order to make room for them.  I read Horst & Kipper's The
Optimum Aquarium for the first time in 1987, but I haven't had a substantial
aquarium set up since I moved to Paris in 1991. 

Once this degree is out of the way, my significant other and I will be moving,
and the plants and fish will be back in force.  As I wrote earlier, I had been 
planning on a custom acrylic 60"x24"x24" aquarium, but my Better Half has
since vetoed that proposition.  Now it looks like we'll have two 36"x22"x22"
acrylic aquariums, one with plants, and one with a handful of tiny red-bellied
piranha (Serrasalmus nattereri).  (Don't ask -- it's a matter of keeping the 
peace, and the *only* way I could negotiate a proper planted tank.)

So that's who I am!


David (B.)

PS:  The length and height of these two aquariums are now more or less set in
stone (36" and 22" respectively).  But we're not sure about the width.  For now
we've selected 22" wide, but if anyone knows of a good reason to go with, say
18" or 24" wide, we might rethink this dimension.