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Cheap Regulators

I went to the local flea market Sunday to look for some goodies . While I
was there I noticed many regulators of many different makes and conditions .
I bought two just to see how they operate , and if they could be adapted to
Co2 tanks . Both were two stage ...one a Matheson Oxygen regulator with a
Victor flowmeter all in stainless steel ( $15.00 ) and the other, ( not as
high in quality ) ,  a Craftsman Helium regulator ( $8.00 ) in solid brass .
For the money it`ll be worth my time just to see how they work . Both are in
mint condition , The Matheson still had the original plastic bag .
     My point being....maybe these can`t be adapted to handle Co2 , and
maybe they can ....but with very little effort I found two possibles for
next to nothing and passed up 10 more I didn`t buy that were in as good a
shape as mine were . With a little more patience I`d think you could find
any type of regulator you wanted at these places very reasonably . There`s
more than one way to skin a cat , or buy a regulator .
              Wilmington , Ohio