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Power Off

I live near Cedar Key, Florida which was the path of Hurricane Gordon. At 9 AM 
Sunday morning, all residents in my area were forced to evacuate. I was not sure how 
long I would be gone but at the last minute decided to shut off all the power even 
though I have 4 fish tanks. I thought the threat of coming back home to a downed 
power line or having a live wire in the house would be greater than worrying about my 
fish. Well, I arrived back about 24 hours later. My home is ok. The roof on the porch 
got blown up but otherwise my place is fine. I am now concerned about my tanks and 
fish. The filters (all of them power filters) had been off for 24 hours. I am wondering how 
much damage this will do to the bacterial colonies in the tanks. Has all the nitrifiying 
bacteria died? Has some survived? Do I have to worry about anaerobic bacteria now? 
How will my fish fare?  All tanks are lightly stocked with fish. They all have plenty of  
decorations, some plants and rocks. What do I need to do now? I am going to do 
water changes on all the tanks ASAP? What else should I do? So far, the fish only 
seem hungry and not harmed.. but what should I expect down the line? Are these 
tanks going to have to re-cycle?

Thanks in advance,