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Re: Quality products

On Sun, 17 Sep 2000 21:51:04 -0500 zxcvbob <bob at area51online_net> wrote:

>I would have let it drop, but you said I misquoted you, and I try very
>hard to never do that.

But you did.  I should clarify that as well.  You quoted directly what I wrote,
so there was no question as to which text was mine.  However, when relating in
your words, what I meant, you were mistaken.

>I didn't paraphrase, I quoted you.  And I quoted the whole paragraph, so
>it could not be taken out of context.

Again, you did both.  You provided my quote and your interpretation of it in a
paraphrased form (you even included quotation marks).  The part you wrote was
incorrect and not at all what I intended.  

>> Any quality dual-stage regulator, is fairly expensive compared to the same
>> manufacturer's single-stage products.
>My beef is with the word "quality", even in this most recent revision. 
>You are equating "quality" with "dual stage", thus implying that the
>single-stage regulators are inherently inferior.

I think you just have it stuck in your head that I am comparing "quality" when I
am ONLY comparing "price."  The word quality is there to imply that you will not
be comparing the lowest quality dual stage to the highest quality single stage.
Not to draw a comparison between the fit and function of dual vs. single.  Is
that clear now?

Specific examples:  Go onto BOC's web site.  Look at the THREE regulators
mentioned: BHS500, BHS270 and BGS270.  Now look at the dual-stage versions of
those products (BHT and BGT I believe).  Call them and price them both.  You
should find the dual much more expensive than its equivalent single.  However,
you may find that the dual BGT is not as expensive as a single BHS5 series.  

> I don't want anyone to get the idea that they must have a 2-stage
>regulator because single-stage regulators are not to be trusted.

In all my posts I have only advocated single-stage products.  Never even
bothered to talk about actually using dual stages for aquaria application.

>That $200 might be better spent on a really good metering
>valve, with plenty left over for beer :-)

Not plenty if you're going to get a top of the line Hoke or Parker. :)

-still sick and today my hearing seems to be down at least 50% - UGH!