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More comments about tropica

Hello everybody,,
ok here it goes again

I do realize that you can't compare US aquarists can't compare Tropica 
plants because you can't get them (legally)..

I don't consider my comments on Tropica to be negative.. or at least I don't 
believe they are ... I know some LFS keep plants in 'not planted tanks' and 
the plants die off.. not just Tropica plants but ALL different suppliers 

Yep I do live in Canada and I've sent tropica plants to friends in the US... 
no i'm not going to get arrested..

I guess what I really want to 'complain' about is how expensive Tropica 
plants are compared to plants from other sources with simliar quality... 
(not considering how the LFS keeps them.. cause if the conditions are bad no 
matter where the plants are from they will eventually die off..)

as a reply to Gitte... I'm not complaining on the quality of Tropica.. (i 
tried not to) just complaing about their price and how everybody wants 


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