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Re: Quality products

I would have let it drop, but you said I misquoted you, and I try very
hard to never do that.

Bruno sez:
> On Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 12:34:12 -0500  zxcvbob <bob at area51online_net> in
> APD#549 wrote:
> >Bruno sez:
> >> Any quality regulator from a quality manufacturer, is fairly expensive
> >> compared to the single-stage. 
> >>
> >But your contrast between "any quality regulator from a quality manufacturer"
> > vs. "real dual-stage regulator" is a cheap shot.
> Huh?  Read my comment above.  Now read what you wrote again.  You're taking my
> quote completely out of context.  What you paraphrased has no similarity to what
> I wrote, nor what I intended.

I didn't paraphrase, I quoted you.  And I quoted the whole paragraph, so
it could not be taken out of context.

> I'll write it again using different words to let you know exactly what I meant:
> Any quality dual-stage regulator, is fairly expensive compared to the same
> manufacturer's single-stage products.

My beef is with the word "quality", even in this most recent revision. 
You are equating "quality" with "dual stage", thus implying that the
single-stage regulators are inherently inferior.  Perhaps, "Any
dual-stage regulator is fairly expensive compared to a single-stage
regulator of similar quality".  I don't want anyone to get the idea that
they must have a 2-stage regulator because single-stage regulators are
not to be trusted.  That mistake could cost someone about $200
unnecessarily (but their shiny new regulator *would* perform
admirably).  That $200 might be better spent on a really good metering
valve, with plenty left over for beer :-)

Best regards,