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Re: Quality products

At 03:48 PM 9/17/00 -0400, Robert Paul H asks:
>Champion lists it as:
>CO2 System includes regulator, needle valve, check valve, electronic
>solenoid (requires CO2 bottle) - *Requires pH Controller $149.90
>It looks simular to the Hydrologix unit, at least the gauges do. Hydrologix
>bundles there's with a complete system only, I imagine if they broke it
>down, it would be within the same price range. The gauges look very
>different from Gombergs, the numbers and so forth...Could Mr. Gomberg
>explain the difference in the units of measure and any other differences?

Well since no units of measure were given in your post, I guess I can't 
explain any differences.   I use mostly psi and inches of water.   1 psi is 
close to 26 inches of water.   For the metrically inclined,  1 atm is about 
15 psi.

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