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Pressurized CO2 Summary

Well, I think I've been able to comprehend most of what was said in
these threads...  I still need to check out some of the websites that
were mentioned.  I was hoping that someone would "break it down Barney
style" for some of us slow learners out here, however...   Here's what
I got out of these discussions  (I'm interested in a "low pressure"
system, so if I leave out some info on "high pressure" please correct
me!) :

A single stage regulator with a needle valve (both of appropriate
quality, application and connected properly) will be sufficient for
any system that we might need.  There were some manufacturers and
model numbers thrown around....

A single stage regulator without a needle valve will work with a "high
pressure" reactor/diffuser, however, the risk of connection failure
exists if the reactor/diffuser should get clogged.

A dual stage regulator that is homemade in Australia will never break,
and will supply a neverending perfect amount of co2 for your plants.
Just kidding...  :-)   I'm actually still a bit fuzzy about the
applications of dual stage regulators for our purposes.  Does a dual
stage regulator eliminate the need for a needle valve in a "low
pressure" system?  I think that someone explained that a dual stage
still just regulates pressure and not flow, so a needle valve is still
needed, yes?  What are the reasons to shell out more dough to get a
dual stage regulator?  Is it just to prevent "dumping"?

"Dumping" occurs when a tank with a single stage regulator gets too
low for the regulator to work correctly.  The tank "dumps" the
remaining co2 quicker than normal.  Solution?  Don't let the tank run
out, OR put a needle valve after the regulator, OR get a dual stage
regulator, OR set up your co2 reactor so that excess co2 is gassed out
of the aquarium.

I'm really interested in seeing someone (more knowledgable than I)
doing up a CO2 FAQ.  I would love to see several model numbers of
hardware and the application of the hardware to be included in the
FAQ.  I'd like to see an explanation of Dave Gomberg's "high" and
"low" pressure concepts.  I'd like to see a range of parameters (that
these regulators and valves might have in their spec sheets) that are
acceptable for our uses.

I don't really expect anyone to jump on this and write it up just
because I asked...  I'm just thinking out loud about what I would like
to see...
Dave Engle
Jacksonville, NC
Visit the Aquatic Plant Trading Board at:
or (if you can't remember that...)