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Re: CO2 Comments

    Regarding the discussion of cba growth near filter outflows, or on filter 
return ramps- if it is true that some, many, or all types of cba are 
supressed by O2, then here's a thought on why they might grow in these areas:
    I don't know how much of a difference it makes, but unless a filter 
aerates the water prior to returning it to the tank (as some types do), 
wouldn't the water coming out of the outflow be lower in dissolved 02 than 
the water going into the filter, because of the oxygen-consumption by the 
nitrogen-cycle bacteria, and decomposition of organic matter taking place 
within the filter?  Couldn't that be the water with the lowest 02 content 
anywhere above the substrate, in a well-circulated planted aquarium? 
    If so, then the filter's outflow ramp, or the surfaces just in front of a 
submerged output jet would be under a different condition than an average 
spot in the tank.  If, in a particular tank, conditions were such that cba 
was barely kept at bay elsewhere in the tank, could this difference be enough 
to allow it to grow there?  

    Zach K