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Last CO2 comments

Ok, I am sure people are getting tired of this thread, but I have a 
couple last things to say. Many people stated that their empirical 
analysis showed the water movement was responsible or at least 
encouraged algae growth.

After thinking about what everyone said, and recalling my own 
research and experiences I believe my conclusion is that water 
circulation is not the factor in the algae growth. Instead, it is a 
transport mechanism. I mentioned this in my previous post that I 
believe water circulation brings nutrients to nutrient deficient 
regions. As a result, algae might grow in a location where a stream 
of water reflects of the glass. This, in my opinion, is a sign that 
the tank has an excess amount of nutrients and lacks either: 
filtration capacity; the number of plants assimilating the nutrients 
is to low; or they are slow growing plants. End result: excess 
nutrients in the water column allows algae to grow.

I also own a copy of the German edition of Christel Kasselmann's 
Aquarien Phlanzen. I do not believe I have to vouch for her. She is a 
recognized expert on aquatic plants. In this book on page 20, she 
argues that plants in stagnant ponds have a layer of nutrient 
deficient water surrounding them. As a result, plants in moving water 
tend to grow faster and gain access to more CO2.

Julius Odian
Menlo Park, CA

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