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Re: Quality products

On Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 12:34:12 -0500  zxcvbob <bob at area51online_net> in
APD#549 wrote:
>Bruno sez:
>> Any quality regulator from a quality manufacturer, is fairly expensive
>> compared to the single-stage. 
>But your contrast between "any quality regulator from a quality manufacturer"
> vs. "real dual-stage regulator" is a cheap shot.

Huh?  Read my comment above.  Now read what you wrote again.  You're taking my
quote completely out of context.  What you paraphrased has no similarity to what
I wrote, nor what I intended.

I'll write it again using different words to let you know exactly what I meant:

Any quality dual-stage regulator, is fairly expensive compared to the same
manufacturer's single-stage products.

This was for illustration, based upon the fact that a dual may very well look
just like the same manufacturer's single product.  Both types of regulator can
also have two gauges or no gauges.  Any dual product I've seen would put a kit
into the price-range that Dave Gomberg mentioned.

I snipped the rest of your message because it is stuff I have already previously
agreed with. :)  Implemented in a compatible and thoughtful way, there are many
combinations and brands of products that will work very well.

Incidentaly, I saw at least a half dozen different Victor regulators on Friday
when I passed by a Praxair location.  They weren't cheap :)